Zot Artz Adaptive Art Tools for Children and Adults with Disabilities

Everyone loves making art!
At Zot Artz, we design and make adaptive art tools so that children and adults with disabilities can create huge, amazing art pieces. The Zot Artz tools and facilitated art events entertain and teach everyone at fairs, fundraisers, and festivals, or as part of everyday recreation, education, and therapy programs.

Painting wheelchairs and other adaptive art tools

Zot Artz adaptive tools and assistive technology transform  wheelchairs into huge paintbrushes or chalk drawers, creating large or small works of art, indoors or out.  Children of all abilities and ages can stamp, draw, and print to make their mark.  It’s all play, but they learn, explore and develop skills while having fun together.

Fairs, fundraisers and festivals

Zot Artz will create a complete art happening, with all of the adaptive tools, supplies and a Zot Artz artist facilitator. Whether it's just for fun, fundraising or raising awareness, an art day can be customized for you. Large scale paintings, gift boxes, shirts and bags are just some of the exciting creations the children can make.

Creating opportunities for children with disabilities

Schools, residential and day programs, centers for independent living, parks and rec programs, museums, camps, children's hospitals and physical and occupational therapists use Zot Artz assistive technology. The creative, fun activities help develop motor skills, concentration, social interaction, self esteem and more for children with cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, and other disabilities.