Testimonials from our customers

Our customers say:

“Absolute Care is an agency that has been dedicated to providing home and community supports to individuals with disabilities for over 10 years.  For the past two years they have orchestrated an event called Paint-A-Palooza to increase the awareness that individuals with disabilities can do anything!  As the main attraction of the event, Dwayne and Zot Artz have been instrumental in making the DD population truly feel like nothing can hold them back.  Dwayne’s adaptive equipment, caring personality and sincere desire to help them expand their artistic capabilities have really been the cornerstone of making the event such a success.  It is the lasting impression from Dwayne and the experience each participant receives that truly makes the event so great.  We know our participants won’t stop talking about the event until next year!  Just seeing the smiles on their faces shows the true value Dwayne and his organization bring to event.” 

Daryl Tracy, VP of Finance, Absolute Care, LLC, Worthington, OH


“Chicago Children’s Museum believes play is the right of every child.  It is our mission to provide multimodal play and learning opportunities that accommodate different interests, styles, and needs.  With the help of Zot Artz equipment we are able to offer inclusive art experiences to all of our visitors.”

LynnWalsh, Manager of Guest Access and Inclusion, Chicago Children’s Museum


“ Thank you Dwayne & Zot Artz for helping us with our wonderful project. All of the students and staff enjoyed using the equipment. Your tools allowed the students to be involved with every part of the art making in a way that I have not been able to do before. I have used adapted art tools before but this was something completely different! It was so exciting to see our students make authentic and beautiful artwork using their wheelchairs. We were even able to include all of our students with special needs by attaching the push handle or having the students push each other around. The smiles on our students’ faces were priceless! The group mural is absolutely gorgeous.  It is full of life and happiness! Thank you for your dedication to art and special education.” 

Bethany Heibel (B.F.A. and M.S.Ed), Elementary Art Educator, Clymer Central School, Clymer, NY


“The Sunrise Group has always been dedicated to helping people with disabilities live valued lives in the community. The individuals we support have many abilities yet are often very involved having difficulty with expressing themselves, mobility issues or using their hands and feet. Before Zot Artz many of our individuals were not involved in art. Zot Artz with all the various tools and adaptive equipment have helped our individuals develop skills that otherwise would have never emerged. The assistive technology that Zot Artz has developed unlocks individual creativity that brings a sense of accomplishment and joy. The ability to create beautiful art helped builds self esteem and motivates people to try harder. For many of our individuals it is a great opportunity to communicate with others. Thanks so much to all of you at Zot Artz for all of your hard work, creativity and insight. You have touched the lives of many and given them the opportunity of a lifetime.”

Kathleen M. Childs, MS, Division Vice President, Sunrise Community Inc.


“Zot Artz teacher workshops have been a wonderful addition to our in-service offerings.  Teachers have loved learning about the equipment and have brought the instruction and accessibility insights into local classrooms.  Our museum educators have used Zot Artz materials in outreach visits to area schools, successfully engaging students of all abilities in art-making activities.  The Szots are doing terrific work, and Zot Artz materials have allowed us to have truly inclusive programming.”

Susan Gallo, Director of Education, The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens


For us at Zot Artz, the best testimonial is a happy kid.  Check out these photos of our Art Events.