Getting Started with Zot Artz

There are several ways to get started with Zot Arts adaptive art tools, ranging from do-it-yourself to a facilitated Art Event where we do everything for you.  You can:

  • Purchase Zot Artz tools from the catalog.
    Use them over and over, share them with other organizations, and make art an every day event for children with disabilities. With our training video and telephone support from Zot Artz, you’ll be ready to roll, stamp, print and draw in no time.
  • Purchase Zot Artz tools from the catalog and have a Zot Artz Workshop.
    Train your whole staff to use the tools and to be more creative.  Many people don’t consider themselves to be artists, and the Zot Artz Workshop helps them feel comfortable creating art with children and their families.  This is great combined with a Zot Artz facilitated Art Event.  You get the tools, get trained, and then practice in the Art Event. Order Form
  • Have Zot Artz create a customized art event for you.
    We bring the tools (on loan), supplies, and an experienced artist facilitator to your site.  We set everything up, paint, stamp, roll and draw with the kids and make sure you have a colorful, fun, attention-getting event with great art pieces to show for it. Paintings,gift boxes, shirts and other creations can be gifts, prizes or fundraising articles.  Create awareness of your organization, have a fundraiser, or entertain kids at a fair, festival, school, grand opening, or care center.
  • View or download our Activities Guide.
    This guide is designed to give you ideas and get you started using the art tools in your unique setting. As with most other things, this guide will work best if you customize it to suit the individuals you work with — their talents, abilities, and needs. As you become more comfortable with the art tools and activities, you will undoubtedly have some great ideas of your own. Please share them with us and we will share them with others. And remember, this is art, not rocket science. Have fun, get messy, be creative, and make art!

We’d love to help you get started!  Call us at 269-254-8928 or email us at