Gettin’ Our Glow On with the WoodsEdge LearningCenter!

Way back when we were located in Bayfield, Wisconsin, an art teacher, Heather Bigelow, contacted the studio about an art event for her students at WoodsEdge Learning Center, part of the Kalamazoo Regional Service Agency (KRESA). Funding and timing never quite worked out. Then, Zot Artz moved to Kalamazoo. In 2019 WoodsEdge hosted their second Zot Artz art event — a two-day glow extravaganza.

Enjoy our interview with Heather below!

How did you first learn about Zot Artz?

I teach at WoodsEdge Learning Center, a school servicing students with severe to profound special needs. I heard about Zot Artz from an occupational therapist employed at WoodsEdge. The OT went to a workshop put on by Zot Artz. She felt the information would be interesting for me to look at.

What made you want to try an activity?

I have been working and teaching individuals with special needs for about 19 years. I have seen how art impacts them and how it can reach so many people. Art transcends barriers and this is the aspect of art that I love most. It has always been my passion and goal to make sure every student can, in some way, participate in all art activities that I teach. This is what attracted me to Zot Artz and what spurred me on to bring it to my school

Why Zot Artz?

Zot Artz aligns very well with my belief and interest that all individuals can in some way participate.

How did 2018’s event go?

2018’s event went very well both staff and student enjoyed it. In fact the only negative feedback I got was that it was only one day. I felt that it was very well organized and it ran very smoothly.

What was planned for 2019’s event?

This year, we had a glow in the dark event. We also switched it from a one-day event to a two-day event with the gracious help of an anonymous donor.

Watch a time-lapse video of the WoodsEdge glow experience painting:

Do you have any advice for someone considering a Zot Artz event?

My advice would be to try it, give it a chance. Students and staff will love it!!!

Do you any ideas for a new Zot Artz tool?

I would love to see tools made for everyday uses in the art room, tools that can aid students in coloring and in painting. This way they can experience more Independence when doing art projects.

If you’re interested in hosting a Zot Artz event or learning more about our products, email: